Spy Glass Page 124

After the kids, Ahir and Devlen went to bed and after a marathon conversation with my parents—yes, I loved Devlen with all my heart; no, we weren’t going to settle in Booruby, but live in my glass factory in Fulgor so I could make magic detectors and he could use his Story Weaver skills to help reform prisoners; yes, we would visit as often as possible; no, we didn’t plan to work for Sitia or Ixia, but to help Valek when he needed us; yes, they could watch the children when Devlen and I were on assignment—I climbed the stairs exhausted.

I checked on my charges. Reema slept in my bed and Teegan was next to her in Mara’s old bed. She wouldn’t let him stay in Ahir’s room as he had wished. The two “boys” had bonded within minutes of being introduced. They had already gotten into trouble twice for rude and obnoxious behavior during supper.

Devlen slept in the guest room. He roused when I slid into bed with him. He rolled over and molded his body to my back, draping an arm around my waist.

“How did it go?” he asked.

“Like expected. I cracked after an hour and spilled my guts.”

“Did you tell them about me?”

He had insisted that I inform my parents about all his past misdeeds. “Yes, and it triggered another two hours’ worth of questions and reassurances.”

“And the marriage?”

“That, too. My mother had heart failure, or so she claimed, but she instantly forgot all about your colorful past when I asked her to plan us another wedding.”

I realized more rounds of questions and assurances and explanations would be required to reach normalcy with my family. It would be crazy, exhausting and probably involve a lot of laughing and tears. With Devlen’s love and support, I could easily handle all of it.

Devlen intertwined his fingers with mine. “What are you thinking about?”

“The future.”


I turned to face him. “Welcome to our herd.”