Spy Glass Page 119

Using the power in the diamonds, expand the bubble so it’s big enough to fit a man and attach it to the ball like you had applied the heat earlier.

“And almost fried the entire clan.”

You didn’t. Focus!

Quinn was quick to catch on and after a couple heart-stopping mistakes, he erected a shield.

Do you have good aim? I asked Quinn.

“How far?”

No closer than that dune we stood on. Any nearer and he would feel you coming.


Ask Devlen.

Quinn relayed my question.

“I’m not accurate at that distance,” Devlen said.

We returned to the dune and I searched the crowd. Unable to get to Galen, the Bloodroses watched the match and kept the noise level high. Valek could do it if he wasn’t trapped. Ari and Janco exchanged places in one sweet move that they had to have practiced before. Ari had also donned a null shield jacket. He slashed and cut with one hand, trying to get close enough to use his strength to his advantage. Nic and Janco stood together, encouraging Ari. Janco’s arms and torso sported multiple cuts and he breathed heavily.

Kade and Heli watched the fight, staying out of the way. I still couldn’t break the null shield around them. Eve hovered nearby.

Eve! She could kill a fly on the wall with her knife.

Tell Devlen to send Eve over to us, and then stay there. He’ll only have a second to knock Galen out. Does he have Curare?

“No Curare,” Devlen said after Quinn explained. “Our weapons and supplies were confiscated by Galen’s men.”

Devlen lifted my chin and kissed me before releasing his hold. I hung on to Quinn as Devlen weaved his way toward Eve. Ari kept Galen busy, but blood streaked down his face from a cut above his eye. Janco gave Nic his jacket and I would have laughed at the way the fabric strained over Nic’s broad chest if the circumstances were different.

Nic stepped next to Ari and grabbed the sword, freeing Ari to retreat. Nic wasn’t as strong as Ari nor as fast as Janco, but he had a certain finesse and he wasn’t tired from fighting two other opponents. Teamwork at its best.

Galen sucked more of my energy. If it wasn’t for Quinn’s support, I would have buckled. By this time, Devlen had reached Eve. She didn’t hesitate, plunging into the crowd.

When she joined us on the dune, she asked, “What do you need?”

Quinn handed her the ball, filling her in on the plan.

She hefted it, testing its weight. “One chance, right? Near his feet? Do or die?”


Eve smiled. “I like a challenge.” She lobbed the glass. Sunlight glinted off its surface as it sailed through the air. It landed a foot short.

I felt the thud in my chest. Out of ideas, I watched the fight with numb dread. Devlen donned Ari’s jacket and switched places with Nic. I had forgotten how adept he was with a sword. His smooth and sure movements flowed with dead precision. I could appreciate his skill now that he fought on my team. Devlen used an effective combination of speed, strength and tactics, forcing Galen to take one step back. And into range of the null shield!

But Galen still had his weapon and needed to be unarmed. Using a last resort move, Devlen blocked Galen’s sword with his body and trapped it against his torso with an arm. He yelled, “Now!”

Nic, Ari and Janco moved, rushing Galen together. Ari and Janco seized his arms and Nic punched him in the face. Galen crumpled. If I had any energy I would have jumped for joy. The crowd cheered.

Eve and Quinn helped me down to my friends. Even though Galen was unconscious, his orders to me still applied and I couldn’t speak. But the null shield around Valek had dissipated. I could drop the one around the Stormdancers. The Bloodroses no longer needed help.

We gathered near Galen. Nic, Janco and Ari slapped each other on the back and discussed the fight in an excited play-by-play. Boys.

But Devlen remained on the sand, gasping for air. Galen’s sword wedged between his arm and side. I knelt next to him. Color leaked from his face as fast as the blood gushed from his torso. The blade had sliced deep into his ribs and had pierced a lung.

He reached for me. “Opal…love…you.” Devlen passed out.


I GRABBED THE SWORD, INTENT ON PULLING IT FROM Devlen’s torso, but Valek stopped me. The joviality died as the others realized one of our teammates was injured.

“Can you heal him?” Valek asked me.

I shook my head. My energy had been depleted. I cast about for a solution. Come on, Opal, use your brain!

Quinn! I latched onto his ankle. I need charged diamonds.

He opened his hand. “These are the only ones and they’re spent.”

The super messengers?

“If there’re any here, they’d be in Walsh’s office. Locked in the safe, but I don’t know the combination.”

Take Janco. He’ll open it.

“Which one is Janco?” Quinn asked.

“The handsome gent with the superior safecracking skills,” Janco said.

Quinn turned to Valek. I would have laughed at Janco’s outraged expression, but Devlen’s blood soaked the sand, making a puddle.

I shook my hands in impatience.

“Lead on, Puppy Dog,” Janco said. “I fear time is an issue.”

They bolted for the office building. Valek studied the darkening sky and began organizing the Bloodroses, setting watches for the night. They dispersed. Nic and Ari carried Galen into the half-burned dining room. I motioned, making sure they understood that he had to be kept unconscious.

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