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He recovered from the surprise and peeled my fingers from his neck. “Stop.” He wheezed with the effort to speak.

I obeyed. I had no choice.

“Get off me.”

My muscles moved without waiting for my approval. I stood as if another worked the controls on my body.

Galen brushed sand off his shirt and pants. “Did you enjoy your last hurrah?” he asked.

I had to be honest. “Yes.”

“Where is she going?”

“Away from here.”

The guards had been knocked unconscious, but a couple more poked their heads into the room.

“Find the young Stormdancer. Don’t get close. Use the blowpipes,” Galen ordered.

They nodded and hurried off. I willed Heli to run faster.

Galen frowned. “You will pay for that.” He glanced at Devlen’s prone form. Heli’s mini tornado had knocked him over and pieces of wood from the hole she blasted had pierced his skin. The tattoo ink still stained his skin, but the blood magic was gone.

“Heal him,” Galen ordered me, probably thinking it would be a punishment.

When I turned toward Devlen, Galen added, “And then heal yourself. Your back is a mess.”

Funny, I didn’t feel any pain. I reached around and touched my shoulder blade, setting it on fire. My fingers came away sticky with blood.

I knelt next to Devlen as he struggled to sit up.

“I’m fine,” he said, pushing my hands away from his bloody torso.

But it didn’t matter; I plucked the splinters from his skin. He winced in pain. Galen hadn’t said to be gentle and, if I was too nice, he would be suspicious.

The guards called Galen away. After ordering me to stay, he stepped outside.

Once Devlen’s wounds were clear, I checked to make sure Galen was gone before reaching around and coating my fingers with my own blood.

“Opal.” Devlen grabbed my clean hand. “I need to explain.”

“Later.” I smeared my blood into his cuts, taking as much from my back as possible.

His eyes widened and he seized both my wrists. “No.”

“Trust me. It’s to protect you.”

He released them without hesitation. “How?”

“To quote Leif, you’ll stink of magic, but won’t have any power. You’re on your own for the rest.” When I finished, I traced his wounds with a fingertip. I imagined them as cracked glass and I applied the magic like applying heat to the crack. The skin melted together, leaving behind bright purple scars. Lingering over his body, I didn’t hurry. He had worked hard while in prison, building muscle tone.

Devlen twined his fingers in mine, bringing them to his lips. He kissed the back of my hand. “I knew you weren’t dead.”

“I have to obey Galen’s orders. And as soon as he remembers to order me to remove the magical barrier between us, he’ll be able to read my emotions as well. Understand?”


“Since you don’t have magic, he can read your emotions now. So be careful.”

“I will.” He glanced over my shoulder and dropped my hand. A scowl creased his forehead.

“What’s taking so long?” Galen asked, but he didn’t wait for an answer. “Finish up. Devlen, help her.”

He tried to be easy as he tugged the splinters free, but a few had been driven in deep. I admired Heli’s strength as I gritted my teeth. The hole in the wall where one of the rooms had been could fit a grown man.

“That’s all of them,” Devlen said.

“I need to see the damage. Is there a mirror anywhere?” I asked.

Galen grumped. “Use Devlen.”

Appearing disgruntled, I instructed Devlen to trace the cuts as I had done for him. Then, closing my eyes, I sent him the hot magic to seal the wounds. For a brief moment I tasted his torment over watching me obey Galen and not being able to help me.

Stifle it, I sent to Devlen.

When I finished, I marveled at the ease of healing. Even after all the magic I used, I felt energetic.

Galen ordered me to find Heli. When I moved to leave the barracks, he grabbed my arm. “With your magic.”

“Oh.” Pulling thin strands from the power blanket, I sent them from me, weaving a web. He didn’t specify how fast, so I moved as slow as cooling glass. I searched every nook and cranny, being very thorough. It occurred to me that I might be able to capitalize on the loopholes in his orders. Specifics would be essential.

I found Heli hiding in a cave on the north coast, east of the Bloodroses’ beach. Rocky cliffs extended along the peninsula before smoothing out. The water had carved caverns deep into the cliffs. If not for me, it would have been a perfect hiding spot.

“Did you find her?” Galen asked.

I couldn’t shut my mouth. “Yes.”

“Tell me her exact location.”

Feeling horrible, I gave him directions. He ordered me to stay put and took Devlen with him, but he returned an instant later. “Almost forgot. Don’t use your magic to warn her.”

Not good. Galen was catching on. However Galen didn’t know Heli wasn’t alone. When I was certain they were gone, I sought Kade. A strong barrier surrounded him. I tapped on it and he opened his mind to me, welcoming me in with astounded relief.

Opal! Thank fate you’re alive! What’s going on? Where are you? What—

I cut him off. They’re coming to get Heli. They know where she is. Galen hadn’t ordered me not to warn Kade.

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