Spy Glass Page 105

The longing returned full force. I trembled and shook. Sweat stung my eyes as wave after wave of raw need rocked me. At one point I realized I still clutched the orb. A survival instinct kicked in and I closed my eyes, focusing on the potential in my hands. I was desperate enough to try siphoning my powers, hoping I could do it faster than Galen could stop me.

Summoning the strength, I— The orb was yanked away.

“No,” Galen said.

I opened my eyes. He loomed over me. Before I could protest, he jabbed a needle into my arm.

Instant relief spread throughout my body, smothering the craving.

Galen’s gleeful voice woke me.

“Today’s the day.” He poked my arm.

I flinched away. “The day for what?” I asked.

“The final link in your chain. This is going to be fun and so easy.” Galen strode from my room and flung the main entrance door wide-open. Heli stood on the other side.


I LEAPED TO MY FEET. HELI! OH NO! THE SUNLIGHT glinted off the blond streaks in her light brown hair. She had pulled it into a ponytail, but a few wisps had escaped and clung to her cheek. Despite being in utter shock over seeing me alive, terror gleamed in her eyes.

She wore a Bloodrose tunic. But the gray fabric had been wrapped around her, trapping her arms in the material.

I hid my dismay at her presence. It was a token effort and Galen knew it, as well.

“We found her trespassing.” Galen pulled Heli inside. Two more guards entered, bringing the total to three.

“A friend of yours, right?” He didn’t wait for an answer. “What I want to know is how she found you?”

“You deciphered the message on the sea glass, didn’t you?” I asked her.

Her gaze jumped to Galen.

“Answer me,” I snapped, drawing her attention back.


Her voice remained strong. Good. Although I wondered why she hadn’t tried to use her magic to escape.

“And you took off without telling anyone, didn’t you?” I asked.

Understanding flashed in her eyes. She dipped her head as if ashamed. “Yes.”

“What message?” Galen asked.

“On Quinn’s sea glass collection. A generic cry for help. Right?” I asked her.

“It said he was being held against his will.” She licked her lips. “I came to check it out.”

“And you found a ghost,” Galen said. “This must be the season for reunions. Even an old friend of mine showed up a few days ago. What is it about flag-raising ceremonies? Brings out the long lost. But I believe you’re already acquainted with my friend.” He leaned outside. “Come say hello.”

Devlen entered the brig. A jolt zipped through my spine. His bare arms hung at his sides. Tattoos covered them. My heart melted, dripped into my guts and solidified. I met his gaze and saw what I needed to see.

“Let her go, and I’ll cooperate,” I said to Galen.

He laughed. “She knows too much. And I know who she is. She created a sandstorm trying to escape.” He gestured to her. “Can’t do anything now that she’s wrapped up in a null shield.”

The strange tunic. Only a few people knew null shields could be grafted to clothing. I scowled at Devlen.

“He’s been a fountain of information,” Galen said. “I also know you care about her. Maybe you care enough to use your magic to save her?”

My fears realized, I braced myself for the ultimatum.

“A simple request. Drain her powers or I’ll kill her.”

I silently bid my soul goodbye. “I’ll need an orb.”

Galen looked at Devlen. He disappeared for a moment and returned with my orb. I snatched it from his hands. Heli backed up to the wall. She shook her head no. Tears streaked her face. Her terrified gaze pleaded with me.

“Her tunic,” I said in a monotone. The glass in my hands buzzed with potential.

“Devlen,” Galen said.

Heli squeaked when he approached her. She looked so young and fragile next to him. He spun her around. The tunic had been tied up her back. Ripping the laces free, he stripped the shirt off her.

“Now,” Galen said.

Glad I had kept my mental barrier between Galen and my emotions, I reached. I connected with Heli’s mind, discovering I could communicate with her. Must be one of those hybrid powers Galen had mentioned. Act like you’ve been stabbed with a knife in your stomach, I said in her mind. Then I bypassed her to contact Devlen.

He stood behind Heli. Focusing on him, I opened my mind to him. Don’t react. Help Quinn. Then I drew his magic into the orb, draining his link to Galen, freeing him of the addiction. And at the same time the last link locked around me, binding me to Galen.

Heli yelped and doubled over, moaning in pain. A little too much, but Galen was distracted by the ringing of diamonds filling my orb. Devlen remained impassive despite the burning pain.

Heli, pretend to pass out. When I shout, create a tornado, blow a big hole in the wall and go,” I ordered. Do not come back.

She swooned and collapsed on the ground. The last of Devlen’s magic chimed into the orb. Galen grabbed the orb, admiring the diamonds sparkling inside. Before he could issue any commands to me, I shouted at Heli to go.

A blast of wind knocked Galen over as sand spiraled into the air. The tiny grains stung my face and arms as I jumped on Galen and wrapped my hands around his neck. An explosion of sound and debris slammed against my back, but I kept squeezing.

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