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a living female? Did I do it right?”

She was speechless.

“Foreplay is an art, and I know I am supposed to engage in penetration once you’ve reach sexual release. Which feels better for them? Do I tear off your panties? Enter you this way, on your back, or flip you over onto your knees to take you from behind? Which position hits a female’s G-spot easier?”

Her hands shook as she realized he wouldn’t believe the truth. He was certain she was a sex box sprouting programmed lines. In truth, the idea of him doing either of those things to her made Venice ache again. She’d bet he’d be good in any position—but she really needed off the station. Anything else they did together would only make him angrier when he finally realized she wasn’t a bot.

But how do I show him?

She lowered her hands between them, knew it would hurt, but used the synthetic fingernails of her left hand to claw her right palm. Tears filled her eyes when she painfully broke the skin.

Confusion widened his eyes at the sight of Venice hurting herself, but she turned her bleeding skin enough for him to see.

“I’m real, Deviant. I’m not a bot and this isn’t programming. That’s blood. Look. I am really in trouble—and I need your help.”

He stared at her hand and his mouth fell open. Total shock paled his dark features, and those pretty eyes of his flew up to stare deeply into hers.

In the next instant, he lifted off her with amazing speed, his weight gone, and she had a weapon pointed at her face from where he stood above her.

She glanced between the weapon and his stiff cock, pointing her way too. She swallowed down some of her terror that he might kill her, remained perfectly still, and forced her focus up his muscled body to meet his angry gaze.

“Please don’t kill me. I have a proposition for you. Hear me out.”

Chapter Two

“Who are you?” Deviant’s tone was rough, cold, and deadly.

“Venice.” She blinked, but that was all that moved besides her chest as she breathed, ignoring the blood dripping from her hand into the valley between her breasts. “Could you pretty please stop pointing that thing at my face?” She flickered her gaze to his gun, back to his erect cock, and then to his face, deciding she should clarify. “The gun.”

His hold tightened. “You have one minute to explain who you are and what your mission is here before I pull the trigger. Are you an Earth spy or a soldier sent here to locate us?”

Terror gripped her. “I’m altered, three limbs and some of my internal organs.” She babbled but it didn’t matter as long as he didn’t kill her. “I’m as screwed as you are with Earth Government if they get their hands on me. I—”

“Altered how?”

She didn’t point out it was rude to cut her off while she was trying to explain, and that he was wasting precious seconds of the time she’d been given. “I was in a horrible accident. The damage was too severe for normal treatment, and Earth Government locked me inside a holding facility to die. There’s a law on Earth that if a certain percentage of you is damaged, it’s illegal to make the repairs. You’re considered nonhuman at that point. The only reason they didn’t kill me outright was because I have a rare blood type. They kept me locked up for four years while they used me to produce blood to sell. Scientists can make both artificial and cloned blood but…rich people like to buy the genuine thing.”

She sucked in a gulp of air. “My sister hired a hacker to enter the facility’s database, when she grew suspicious after they refused to give her my remains. Other people get their families’ bodies to burn but she wasn’t given anything. She saw photos of the accident and knew there should have been remains.” She sucked in another breath.

“Slow down.”

“You said I only had a minute.”

“I’ll give you longer if you make more sense.” He shifted his stance but didn’t lower the weapon.

“Okay.” She paused. “My sister discovered where I was being held, what they were doing to me, and hired Angels to steal me.”

“Angels?” His gaze narrowed. “As in the religious context?”

“They’re a group of people who believe it’s wrong for the government to just make people disappear, and or use them for profit. Angels is the organization’s name. They try to rescue those who’ve been deemed

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