Loving Deviant Page 7

was stronger than the mechanics inside her.

“Should I kiss your mouth first or tear off your clothes to explore your breasts? Which do females prefer?”

“I’m a real person, Deviant. I’m not a sex bot.” She said it quickly, afraid he’d act before she had a chance to answer his question.

“I like that.” He leaned closer, his nose brushing hers, and closed his eyes. “Open your mouth to me now.”

He smelled of mint, something he’d obviously eaten. She opened her mouth to tell him this wasn’t part of some programmed dialog, a fantasy so clients could pretend she was real. She was being honest.

His lips sealed over hers and his tongue swept inside her mouth before she got a single word out.

For a virgin, the guy didn’t kiss like one. He mastered her mouth easily, coaxed her tongue to move with his. Her body responded to the passion he ignited with his hungry exploration. Her legs shifted higher to his waist, her calves squeezed against his muscular, firm ass, and he rubbed the hard length of his cock against her panties to massage her clit.

She moaned, the sensation turning her on. It had been a really long time since anyone had touched her down there. Fire ignited inside her belly, burned from her sex upward, until it hazed over her ability to think. His strong hips rocked faster against the cradle of her thighs, firmly stroking his rigid cock against the thin material covering her pussy. She pressed back, seeking more contact.

He rumbled, his chest vibrated, and he released her wrists to brace one arm on the bed while his free hand gripped her shirt from the side. The material tightened over her rib cage and only the sound of it tearing jerked her from her fervent stupor.

Venice twisted her head away from his hungry mouth, broke the kiss, panting. Deviant’s hips didn’t pause their torturous stroking against her clit. His mouth focused on the column of her neck instead as his hot lips traced it with a few flicks of his tongue.

“Stop,” she begged. “Wait.”

His brush of kisses paused. “No. I’m going to fuck you until I can’t move. We have eleven hours and forty-two minutes. I’m keeping track.” He opened his mouth and nipped her shoulder. “But I like the coy act. It’s turning me on more.”

A jolt of desire shot through her at the way he bit her again. It wasn’t painful, but instead made her wonder how it would feel on her nipples. They ached, along with the rest of her. She also knew if she didn’t stop this now that he would follow through with his plan. She wouldn’t mind…but it might piss him off more when he learned the truth. She needed his help too desperately to take that chance.

He arched his back, his mouth trailed down her collarbone, and he put a little space between their bodies to give his hands room to reach up and grip the vee of her shirt. He tore it open, baring her breasts, and his scorching mouth instantly sucked a nipple inside.

Venice cried out at the sheer pleasure. Things were moving super-fast, and damned if she didn’t want him. She did. Her clit throbbed painfully, her vaginal muscles clenched as she hovered on the brink of climax.

Oh, screw it, she decided as her hands clutched at his hair. “Don’t stop,” she moaned. Her fingers dug into the silky strands, cupped the back of his head, and she hoped he wouldn’t move away as he sucked harder on her nipple. His teeth scraping the oversensitive bud became sweet torture.

He rolled his hips, pushed his cock tighter against her clit, and rocked faster, with more force. The bed swayed from his strength and that did it for Venice. She shouted out as ecstasy seized her body. She was pretty sure she’d said his name but wasn’t one hundred percent certain since it was a huge blur of bliss.

He tore his mouth away and hovered over her face, staring down at her with those electric-blue eyes. His features seemed darker than they had been before as he breathed heavily. Her gaze dropped to his lips, swollen from their kissing and what his mouth had done to her breast. It was a sexy sight, but she admitted to being biased after the shattering pleasure he’d just given her.

His hips stilled as her body trembled from the aftermath, and he growled at her. “Tell me the truth. Is that the exact reaction of

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