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“Where’s your bedroom?” he growled.

“To the right.” Her lust-addled brain tried to focus as they moved through the hallway. “This doesn’t change anything between us. No one can know.” Wow, the sexy scruff along his jaw felt good and rough against her skin when he nuzzled her neck.

“Are you using me for sex, Miss Sinclair?” he said wickedly.

“Yes. So, yes,” she said. It had been a long time—too long—since she’d been this turned on. As long as they both understood that this was a no-strings-attached deal—and of course, he understood that—damn straight, she was going for this. Mr. Right may not yet have waltzed into her life, but Mr. Right Now was currently doing a fine job of getting her hot and bothered in the interim.

He set her down on the floor next to the bed. Not wasting another moment, he gripped the bottom of her tank top and yanked it over her head. Then his fingers skillfully undid the front clasp of her bra and let it slide off her shoulders to the floor.

Her ni**les puckered in the cool air-conditioned room.

“Now there’s a pretty sight.” Vaughn cupped her br**sts and rolled her ni**les between his thumbs. “Do you want my mouth here?”

Her breath caught. “Yes.”

“Then get on the bed.”

Somebody, it seemed, liked being a little bossy in the bedroom. But, seeing how this particular order aligned with her agenda, Sidney acquiesced. She climbed onto the covers, sliding back to watch as Vaughn toed off his shoes and socks, then unclipped his FBI badge from the waistband of his jeans and removed his gun. He set both on the nightstand.

His eyes glinted in the moonlight as he moved over her on the bed, trapping her underneath his long, muscular frame. He lowered his head, until their mouths were just inches apart. “Kiss me.”

With a coy look, she reached up and ran her thumb over his bottom lip. Then she pressed her lips to the same spot, right where she’d once bit him, before opening her mouth to his in a slow, steamy kiss.

She heard a low rumble in his chest. His hands slid over her body, trailing lightly over her sensitized skin. He caressed a long lock of hair that had spilled over her shoulder, letting it run through his fingers.

“So beautiful.” His fingers continued to trail downward, over the peaked tips of her br**sts. Then he followed with his mouth.

Sidney arched off the bed when he sucked the tip of one breast between his teeth. She smoothed her hands down his back, frustrated by the feel of cotton. “This shirt has to go.”

He pulled back long enough to undo the buttons and yank off his shirt. After tossing it to the floor, he reached for her again.

“Hold on.” She stared at him, shirtless before her. “I’m going to need a moment here.”

Holy crap, he was perfect.

It was like looking at a sculpture cast in moonlight, every muscle exquisitely solid and defined. She touched his chest, just to confirm he was actually real, then trailed her fingers down his six-pack abs.

He sucked in a breath when she did that.

“My god, how much do you work out?” she asked.

“About an hour and a half every day. I’m training for the triathlon with some friends.”

Of course he was.

“Um, my mouth was on a breast a minute ago. Any chance we can cut the ogling short and get back to that?” he asked.

“Smart a—” She gasped when he pinned her underneath him and picked up where he’d left off. Within moments she was writhing beneath him, the ache between her legs nearly unbearable.

“Vaughn,” she moaned.

“What do you want?” he asked huskily.

So many hot, naughty things sprang to mind. “Touch me.”

He gripped the waist of her yoga pants and eased them down her legs. “With my mouth or my fingers?”

Oh, god. “Either. Both.” Her body trembled as he ran a finger over her ivory silk underwear, right between her legs.

“You’re so wet, Sidney. So damn hot.” He peeled the silky underwear off, then cupped his hand between her legs and parted her soft folds with his fingers.

She tightened her grip on the back of his hair. “If you don’t get inside me soon, I’ll have to bite you again.”

“Feeling a bit prickly, are we?” he asked. “I’m going to make this real good for you, I promise.” He eased a finger inside her and began to stroke in a slow, smooth rhythm.

She bit her lip to keep from crying out. It was all just so good—he was so good. He added a second finger, moving in and out as he lowered his head and flicked his tongue over the tip of one of her br**sts. That pushed her over the edge and she came, hard and fast.

She opened her eyes and watched as Vaughn got up and stood at the edge of the bed. His gaze burned into hers as he reached into the back pocket of his jeans and pulled a condom out of his wallet. He tossed it on the bed, then shed his jeans and boxer briefs.

Sidney’s eyes widened at the sight of him. Granted, she’d only seen one other penis in the last three years, but this particular model seemed quite . . . impressive.

He grinned devilishly. “Need another moment?”

She crooked her finger at him and he climbed back onto the bed.

“Let me touch you,” she murmured. She stroked her hands over his chest, planting soft kisses along his neck. He closed his eyes, his breath quickening as her hands drifted lower. Teasingly, she brushed her fingertips along the length of his erection.

“Wrap your hand around me,” he said.

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