Fear Me Page 79

‘What do you mean?”

“Rich guys like that change women more than they change their underwear. She could have been just another notch on his belt – used and invisible.”

“The only person who would know is John but I’ve never even seen the guy. He’s never around,” I thought long and hard before a thought occurred to me. “Where are they from? If they were from a place like Six Forks it wouldn’t be nearly impossible to figure out. People gossip.”

“Beauty and brains. My hero,” he chuckled.

“Some days I don’t feel so smart…”

“That’s because you let your vagina do the talking, babe.” He quickly tapped his keyboards and only after a few minutes he came across something. “He’s from Camden. That’s only a two hour drive.”

“So it’s close.”

“You aren’t seriously thinking about going there are you?”

“Why not?”

“Maybe because this whole family seems shady as fuck? You can’t just show up on someone’s doorstep and starting asking questions about something they obviously kept so hard to bury. Think about it, beautiful…Keiran was a child when he was found…he didn’t hide all this himself.”

I thought hard about what he said but knew I didn’t have a choice. This was becoming more than just a need for revenge. I wanted answers. I needed answers. “What else can I do?”

Instead of replying he went back to typing. “It looks like he had a housekeeper.”

“How do you know that?”

“Her resume was uploaded on this social website for professionals who use it to make connections.” He studied the resume and then turned to look up at me. “What month is Keiran’s birthday?”

“February, I think.” I shrugged nonchalantly when he grinned at me with a cheeky expression.

“You think?”

“Ok, I know.”

“Well it looks like Mrs. Jenkins was dismissed.”


“Nine months before he was born,” he answered dryly.

“Shit! Well maybe we can find out where his father disappeared? No one just leaves all that wealth behind.”

“On it. But I got to head back. My parents are going to kill me if I stay for much longer,” he said as he packed up his computer.

“Thanks, for everything, Jesse. I know you want to do more but I can’t let anyone fight my battle – not anymore.”

“Just promise, you’ll be careful.”

“I’m not so good with promises, Jesse.” Not after the two most important people in my life broke theirs…

“Right. Catch you later.” He gave me one last hug and was gone.

* * *

Thunder rolled and lighting flashed, lighting up my bedroom. The setting was so cliché and one straight out of a horror movie, especially when it illuminated the tall figure standing across the room. I came fully awake and jumped when I realized I wasn’t dreaming and someone was actually in my room. His back was turned and I guess I made a sound because he suddenly turned.

It was Keiran. He was standing there, drenched and soaking from the rain. His shirt was plastered to his skin outlining his chest and abs. His breathing was deep and uneven.

“What are you doing here?”

“Was it here?”

“What?” I asked, confused.

“Did you fuck him on your bed?” he growled. His voice penetrated my senses making by body quake with awareness.

“What the hell are you talking about, Keiran? Get out of my house!”  He moved too fast. I was trapped between the mattress and his hard body and my trembling doubled.

“Why was Jesse here and think twice before you let a lie pass between those beautiful, pouty lips of yours? I’m not keen on being nice to you right now.” We stared at each other, letting his words and the meaning settle around us. The only sound that could be heard was our deep erratic breathing. “I’ll ask you again, Monroe. Did you fuck him?”

“I didn’t do anything with anybody and if I did, it’s none of your business. I don’t belong to you. I. Never. Did!”

His bright grey eyes blackened as the brewing storm finally broke and raged harsher than the one outside. “No. But you will.”

That was the only warning before his lips slammed onto mine. The sound of surprise I made opened me up to his passions as his tongue penetrated my lips. I couldn’t help but welcome the taste of him. I crave it more each time.

Before I could rethink it, I was wrapping my arms around his neck and surrendering to the need. My clothes were torn away until I was left naked under his dark gaze. His gaze remained locked with mine as he lowered his head between my shaking thighs. He finally looked away to stare at the wet heat between my legs. I shifted, fighting the urge to beg for his mouth on

me as his lips lifted in a predatory grin. Suddenly, I remembered the fear I’ve kept close all these years as it returned. I didn’t think I could handle him like this.

“Don’t look at me like that, baby. I’m not stopping. Now say you want it.”

Please don’t stop, I thought. “I want you,” I uttered without hesitation. I immediately felt his hot mouth and tongue on me. I moaned and writhed as he devoured me. However, the buildup of desire was much more powerful than the pleasure I felt from his tongue. I needed more.

I gripped his hair in desperation, searching for what was missing until I was drowning in tears. Suddenly I was turning and then I was upright. I looked down at Keiran underneath me as I straddled his face.

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