Fear Me Page 73

“He’s hurt me for ten years, Willow. I think I can handle it.”

“Don’t do this,” she pleaded.

I shook my head and felt a feeling of desperation wash over me. “I have to.”

* * *

I was beyond nervous when I entered school the next morning. I hadn’t heard from Keiran since the library yesterday and although it was my plan to befriend him like he wanted I didn’t know how to go about it after I’d basically told him to get fucked. I figured I would let him get the ball rolling.

My opportunity came in English when Mrs. Connors asked me to read a passage in the text. Fortunately for me the seat Keiran designated for us in English the first day became my permanent seat so I was able to sit next to him. He never said a word to me though. He didn’t even look at me.

I was texting Willow who had been begging me non-stop to drop it when I heard the teacher call my name. I looked up to find Mrs. Connors glaring at me and I knew I was caught texting. She was saying something that I didn’t catch.

“I’m sorry, what?”

“I would like you to read the passage in the text.” Shit. I had no clue where we were.

I was also apprehensive about reading in class because of my dyslexia. I usually received reading assignments ahead of time to read them before hand and memorized the passages. Because of this I was able to remain in normal classes. I had a good handle on it but I still felt self-conscious. I was held back a year in the first grade because they misdiagnosed my trouble to read and thought it best to make me repeat the grade. I called it fate. I couldn’t imagine having classes with Keiran for the past ten years.

My hesitation was becoming painfully apparent to the rest of the class. I took this risk so I could have normalcy. I also didn’t want to give Keiran more ammunition.

“Pick someone else.”

My head was down but I knew who said the words. I looked up to find him watching me before he turned cold eyes on the teacher.

“Mr. Masters, I will not have you disrespecting me in my classroom.”

“Tough. She isn’t reading. Pick…someone…else.”

“She will read or she will leave my class.”

She was kicking me out? Before I could protest, Keiran grabbed my hand and led me out the classroom before returning back inside. I stood, confused in the empty hallway before he returned with our backpacks.

“What are you doing?”

“We’re leaving.”

“We can’t! Are you insane?”

He grabbed my hand, ignoring me until we were standing in the parking lot next to his car. “Get in,” he ordered.

“No.” I crossed my arms and stood in place.

“Don’t fuck with me right now, “he threatened.

“Kiss my ass.”

I was bent over the hood of car before I could blink with him pressed against my back breathing into my ear. “I’m more tempted to spank it right now if you don’t shut the fuck up.”

I fought against his hold, which was a mistake when I felt his erection grow against my ass. “Don’t touch me.”

“Why? Because you like it so much? I watched you squirm this past week every time I was even near you. You crave it don’t you?”

“You wish.”

“I do wish. Every fucking night I wish and I dream. I think about the classroom the most. Do you remember?” he taunted.  “Yeah you do.”

He lifted his chest off my back and ran his hand down my spine causing me to arch my back. His hand reached my ass, trailing lower until he cupped me.

“Would you like me to do it again? I could eat your little pussy right here on the hood of my car. It would be my pleasure…and yours.”

He rubbed his lower body against me creating a delicious friction and I moaned. “Please. Someone will see.”

“Let’s make a deal. You get your ass in the car or I give you what we both know you want, right here.”

I got in the car.

We ended up at Pies, Shakes, & Things to grab a few burgers after we left school. Well one for me and three for Keiran. I shook my head at his appetite. Men.

I couldn’t believe we were skipping. It was something I’d never done before and I thought about how many times my aunt would kill me if she found out. She writes sci-fi so she knows things.

“Can we go back now?” I finally asked after we finished eating.

“Just eat my food and ditch me huh? Heartless.”

“As I recall, you kidnapped me from school.”

He shrugged. “I could have eaten you instead of the burger.” My face grew hot and I tried not to melt in my seat. “You’re squirming again,” he observed with a smirk.

“Can you stop?” I was irritated that he was calling me out on my shit.

“Am I bad company?”

“You’re unwanted company.”

“Don’t be such a bitch.”

“I have every right to be! Or did you forget?” I didn’t care if I sounded like a shrew. How dare he call me a bitch after the hell he put me through?

“I didn’t forget. You remind me every chance you get. Can’t you let that go?”

“No. I don’t trust you.”

“I want to be friends.”

I laughed, “That won’t happen.” But it would. This was my chance.

He was about to respond when the chime over the door sounded and an expensively dressed woman with short brown hair entered. She looked out of place as she looked around as if searching for someone.

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