Fear Me Page 61

"Not a good idea.”

“Why not? Keiran hasn't been after you these past couple weeks so it should be safe right?”

Except when he sneaks into my bedroom in the dead of the night. “I don't know. Last time I barely escaped with my life.”

She rolled her eyes and said, “Now who’s being dramatic?”

“I don't want that kind of trouble or any trouble. Have you noticed lately that I am the target of so much hostility? The last thing I need is my aunt receiving a phone call saying that I got into a fight or worse ending up in jail.”

“But how better to show the big bad wolf that he can't blow your house down no matter how much he huffs and puffs?”

I laughed at her comparison to Keiran. She was such a cornball sometimes.

“And I know you're calling me names in your head,” she said. She looked truly offended which only made me laugh harder until she was laughing too.

“What's so funny?” Trevor asked as he walked up and hooked his arm around my neck. “Please share.”

My mood just committed suicide. “I'm sorry. It was a private joke in a private conversation shared between friends...privately.”

“You've picked yourself up a smart mouth but from what I hear Keiran is done with you so I would be careful about who you piss off,” Trevor threatened.

“You see you got the right idea about pissing people off. You should try it. Like now,” Sheldon retorted.

I laughed which only made Trevor angrier though it didn’t faze me. An angry Keiran made me want to run and hide, but an angry Trevor just annoyed me.

"No one is talking to you. Why don’t you worry about who your boyfriend is fucking besides you?” Sheldon’s nostrils flared and I knew his statement pissed her off.

“Sheldon…” I sniffed the air. “Do you smell that? It smells like...asshole.” Sheldon and I sniffed the air until we both turned eyes on Trevor. “Trevor I think it's coming from your direction. You should take care of that before it gets out of hand.”

We began to walk away when I felt a sharp pain rip from my skull. Trevor had grabbed me by my ponytail and flung me to the floor in a fit of rage. I hit the floor and the force of the impact dazed me.

“What did you say to me, bitch?" He charged towards me, his foot rising to kick me. I balled up to avoid the blow but it never came.

"Oh my gosh!” I heard Sheldon scream. When I looked up, Keiran was there and strangling Trevor, who was clawing at his hands to escape. He was turning blue and looked close to passing out.

He's going to kill him.

Keiran was finally torn away but it took Dash, Keenan and Quentin to stop him and hold him back. Trevor was fighting to regain his breath as Sheldon helped me up. Everyone in the restaurant was staring at Keiran as if he'd grown another head.

“What's your problem, man? You attacking me over her?” He spewed the words out with disgust as if I were the one with the problem. Keiran was still fighting to get loose and Keenan’s hold on him was slipping.

“He'd beat your ass for hitting any girl. I'd beat your ass. Half the guys in here would beat your ass,” Dash growled.

“But there is only one girl he would kill you for hitting,” Keenan added in a sinister tone.

“Why would you care? She set you up!”

Keiran went still instantly, his body tight with tension. I could see his jaw clenching and that infamous vein near his temple pounding a steady rhythm.

Keenan and Dash turned to Sheldon with questioning her silently. She shook her head no and I wondered what their silent communication was about. I figured now that Keiran was reminded he hated me this situation would dissolve immediately and they would all laugh at my expense. Instead they turned back to Trevor, who Keiran never took his eyes off of.

“Say man, how would you know who framed Keiran? How would you even know Lake did it?” Dash asked.

“Once again…innocent.” They looked at with raised eyebrows and I realized I must have said it out loud. Oops.

“Everyone knows she tipped them,” Trevor said, nervously. His eyes were flickering back and forth but never making eye contact.

They watched him squirm and then Keenan hopped to stand in one the chairs. He didn't have to worry about getting anyone’s attention because the entire restaurant was watching intently.  “Does anyone know what this piece of shit is talking about?” he yelled over the restaurant.

All heads shook no.

“The thing about tips are that they aren't released to the public,” Dash sneered.

“My dad told me. You—you guys know he's a cop,” he stuttered. I almost felt bad for him. Almost.

“Does your dad normally divulge confidential information? I'm pretty sure it's illegal,” Sheldon asked.

He narrowed his eyes at Sheldon and Keenan stepped up to him threateningly. “Watch where you point those motherfuckers like that before I rip them out of your head.”

Trevor looked down at the floor immediately. I didn't get it because he was bigger than all of them. I guess bigger didn't always mean tougher.

“Come on bro, you know how it is. There are perks to being the son of a cop. I know a lot of shit.”

“Like when our random drug searches are scheduled?” Dash asked.

Trevor’s face paled as his mouth opened and closed. He reminded me of a fish. “Are you trying to say I set Keiran up?”

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