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His arms were around my waist in a flash, pulling me across the bed toward him. He flipped me onto my back, tucked me into his side, and leaned over me to peer into my eyes.

“No one will ever have you but me.”

“How can you be so sure?” I asked, feigning anger even as my heart skipped a beat.

“Because I’ll kill you first. You’re mine, Monroe. That will never change.”

Chapter Thirteen

“Fuck Mondays,” I muttered to myself. The day was halfway over and I kept thinking about the second I could escape this hell but then I remembered you could never actually leave hell when you sold your soul to the devil himself.

I’ve been playing his shadow all day and I was sick of it. Keiran was everywhere, all the time, without actually being around. The stares and whispers I’ve been receiving were draining. Don’t get me wrong, I was used to it, but for different reasons. There were so many rumors circulating about what I was doing with Keiran, none of it good. To make matters worse Willow would barely talk or look at me in Volleyball today. I had to find a way to talk to her later without Keiran knowing.

I pushed open the bathroom door and immediately caught sight of Anya primping in the mirror. What she needed to primp for in the middle of a class period, I had no clue. She was standing in her signature high heels and mini skirt. I evilly wished she would trip and fall at least once. Maybe then she would get the clue that stilettos weren’t meant for school.

“Well if it isn’t the whore of Bainbridge High,” she sneered.

“Funny. I was going to say the same about you.”

“I don’t steal people’s boyfriends.”

“No. You just spread your legs for them. Do you at least ask for dinner first?”

Her eyes narrowed and I noticed her fist ball at her side. “When Keiran is done with you, I will make you sorry.”

“Too late. I’m already sorry.”

“You think you’re special but you’re not. He just wants to fuck you for whatever reason. You’re not even pretty.”

“Gee thanks. Maybe he wanted a change of scenery. Something less shallow.”

She narrowed her eyes and placed a hand on her hip. “Did you just call me fat?” she huffed.

I choked back a laugh. Wow, she really is an airhead. “I’m sorry. What was I thinking?”

“Whatever. Stay away from Keiran. He’s mine.”

“That’s kind of hard when he can’t seem to stay from me. But I’ll tell you what…you can keep him and when I’m through with him I’ll toss him back.”

“You’ll never get the chance. Trevor has something planned for you, and Keiran will be all mine again.”

I managed to maintain a bored expression. She was watching me closely for a reaction but I refused to give her one. “You let me know how that works out for you, will you?”

“Bitch,” she spat. She charged for the door and bumped my shoulder on the way out.

As I was walking back to class, I received a text message from Jesse saying that he wanted to talk. I chose not to respond. I had to distance myself from him and anyone else Keiran could use to hurt me. Besides, there was nothing Jesse could do to help me and while we’d grown close, I didn’t feel comfortable discussing Keiran with him.

When the last bell finally rang, I walked outside and found Keiran, Keenan, Dash, and Quentin all standing around Keiran’s car. I had been wondering how I would get home when Keiran didn’t show up for fifth period. Willow was there but after what happened Saturday night and the phone call, I felt too guilty to look her in the eye much less ask for a ride home. Keiran would also likely find out that I disobeyed him again. It all made me question once more if I was doing the right thing. The ending fate of the dead girl in the picture told me I was.

As I approached the car the guys stared at me but I didn’t let my nervousness from their scrutiny show. I lifted my chin and walked up to Keiran. “Take me home,” I ordered.

The guys chuckled as if I just told a joke while Keiran watched me but didn’t say anything. I tightened my hand on the strap of my bag and met his stare but a few seconds later I started to waver. He wanted me to squirm and damn it, it was working. He managed to pick away my defenses and toss them away.

“Your girl doesn’t have any manners,” Dash commented. Keiran rubbed his chin where his stubble was growing thicker and grunted.

“I think she does it for attention,” Keenan quipped.

“You would know all about begging for attention wouldn’t you?” Keenan was a walking advertiser for a kid with daddy issues. He played the rebel and the whore but I saw right through his act.

“Yeah, but I don’t beg as well as you do,” he said smugly.

My face reddened at the reminder of Keiran and me in the kitchen the other day. I still couldn’t believe Keiran allowed him to watch us but then Keiran didn’t have any warm feelings toward me. I was just another girl that spread her legs for him. “You’re a perverted –”

“Enough,” Keiran commanded. “Get in the car.” He opened his door and pushed the seat forward so that I could climb in the back.

Once seated in the car, he slammed the door closed. I tapped my foot impatiently while he continued to talk to his friends. I pulled out my phone to text my aunt. My worry for her kept me checking in with her more frequently than was normally necessary.

The school parking lot was nearly empty by the time he decided to leave. He and Keenan climbed in the car and we sped out of the parking lot. I watched the town pass by through the window and tried not to listen to their conversation. Keenan was yet again talking about some hot chick that wanted to bang him. I honestly didn’t know what Sheldon saw in him. He was a pig.

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