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I heard, “Real mature, guys,” before a chair scraped and Sheldon came to sit with us. I'd looked back to see Keiran wearing a smug grin. Keenan had looked pissed and was glaring at Sheldon. He'd mumbled, “Traitor,” under his breath then rolled his eyes at me.

After school Sheldon and Willow rode with me to my house. Keenan threw a temper tantrum in the parking lot. I was annoyed but she just laughed when he yelled obscenities and kicked his car. We opted to watch a movie here instead of going out to the movies. We were sitting in the living room doing homework and having girl talk. It felt good. I had this with Willow but it felt nice to have it with someone else too. My friend count was now two.

Gee, Lake that has got to be a record. I laughed out loud at my private joke.

“What's so funny?” Willow asked. I just shook my head and closed my textbook.

“I'm done,” Sheldon announced. “So – the purple highlights? Did you do it yourself?” They've been discussing hair for the past ten minutes or so. Sheldon was in awe of Willow’s freedom to express herself. I wondered what or who was making her hold back who she really was.

“Yeah, I dd. I'm actually going to add in dark blue highlights too.”

“Way cool. I wish I could try that. My mom would have a heart attack.”

“I've been trying to get Lake over to the dark side but she won’t budge.”

“I don't know Willow, Lake’s got the innocent, big, blue-eyed look going for her. The guys dig her…in secret of course.”

"Yeah, I call her the Barbie Ballerina."

“Guys I'm sitting right here.”

“Yeah but you've been quiet. Thinking about a certain bad boy with a dark disposition?” Sheldon was still convinced that Keiran and I were more than enemies.

“That's a ship that will never sail, Sheldon.” Willow stated. “Lake is too accustomed to denying what she wants – out of fear…duty…protection.”

“You actually think Keiran and I should date?” I asked incredulously. “Since when?”

“I don’t, but you don’t date at all is what I’m saying.”

“I assure you it isn’t by choice.”

"So what is the deal between you and Keiran?” Sheldon asked. “All these years I knew he liked you but he also carried a grudge against you even before he went Juvie."

It's been something I've wondered about for ten years. Why did he hate me so much? What did I do? How could I fix it? My mind drew a blank every time and the tension between us became too thick to sever.

“I wish I knew,” I finally answered.

Sheldon shrugged, “Too bad. I'm sure it would have made a great bedtime story.” She rolled her eyes, making me laugh. “Did you hear about the random guy that crashed Keiran and Keenan’s party the other night?”

“The guys Keenan and your brother fought?”

“No, some guy that was dealing at the party. Keiran must have caught him because Dash said he had to keep him from killing the guy.”

“No way, what did he do?” Willow asked with a little too much excitement.

“He shoved some pills and alcohol down his throat and told him he might want to go get his stomach pumped.”

“Jeez! The guy could have died!” Willow exclaimed.

“A couple of the his buddies were there and drove him to the hospital. Keiran isn’t in prison for murder so I guess he’s okay. It’s just strange because this isn’t the first time Keiran has caught people dealing in his place but it is the first time he’s reacted this strongly. I can’t believe you missed it, Lake.”

“Oh, yeah. I uh, went upstairs and kind of fell asleep.” I acted nonchalant about it but really I was freaking out in my head. It had to be the same guy that offered to drug me. The guy was a tool but what Keiran did was dangerous and illegal. I mean, what if the guy had died? There was a party full of witnesses who could point their finger, including my aunt.

"I'm curious to know how you and Keenan got together,” Willow stated and I realized I’d missed part of the conversation. “He seems so…pushy.”

“When he doesn't get his way. Then my baby asks like a two-year old whose favorite toy was stolen but he is a sweetie pie at heart. He acts out but I think it’s to get his father’s attention. His mother died in a car accident when he was seven and his father just checked out. Not a lot of emotional love shared in the Masters house.”

“So where are Keiran’s parents? I mean, how did his uncle become his guardian?” Willow was asking all the questions but I would be damned if I wasn't listening.

“Keenan said his father, refuses to talk about his brother but apparently Keiran’s mother was one of the brother’s two-bit one night stands who left Keiran on John’s doorstep when he was eight.”

“So why Keenan’s father and not the brother?”

“I guess she couldn’t find him. Keenan said he’d never met his uncle so I guess that also explains why John didn’t hand him over to his brother. He probably can’t find him either or didn’t try if their relationship took a turn for the worse.”

“What’s the brother’s name?” I asked.

“Can’t remember but I’m pretty sure it started with an ‘M’. My parents did tell me that none of them are originally from Six Forks. John moved here a long time ago and lived alone until one day he brought home a woman and a baby. He was never even seen with a wife or girlfriend before and then seven years later, Keiran pops up.”

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