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“Yes. We apologize for the misunderstanding Mr. Chambers.”

“Can you believe this? As far as they know, Keiran broke into your house and they just released him because Dash’s old man pulled some strings? Unbelievable,” Willow whispered.

Mr. Chambers turned to me, sizing me up. “Think carefully about what you are about to do Ms. Monroe. You won’t succeed a second time.” With that they left the station and I began to breathe easier.

“Officer, I would like to make a statement to clear Keiran Masters. He was not the one to break into my house. I brought a witness to testify to that.”

The officer gave me a stern look before directing us to fill out the necessary paperwork. After heavy questioning we were able to leave the precinct. Willow kept glancing at me during the ride to school and I knew she was concerned.

“Lake, are you going to be okay?”

This turn of events definitely didn't look good for me. If I thought Keenan’s reaction was bad then, I knew Keiran’s would be ten times worse. “I don't know.”

* * *

We made it to school in time for Volleyball so we headed straight there. I didn't see any sign of Keiran when I arrived so I assumed he’d already went to class. I still had to face him at lunch so I wasn’t out of the water yet. I used the physical demand of Volleyball to distract me from the mental stress.

The class ended too quickly though and before I knew it I was dressed and biting my fingernails. I was expecting Keiran to pop up at any moment to terrorize me and hurl threats but he never came. Lunch was halfway over when I gave up on waiting. I headed to the cafeteria in search of him and found him seated at his normal table…with Anya in his lap.

The jealousy I felt was misplaced and I reminded myself that I wasn't his girlfriend and made my way over to his table. “Hey. I uh…waited for you back at Volleyball.”

Anya looked up at me and giggled, then whispered something behind her hand to Keiran. He smiled at her then kissed on her neck to which she began to moan. He ignored me completely so I looked around the table. Keenan was glaring at me while Sheldon looked at me apologetically.

“Look, about last night and this morning, I –”

“Monroe you seem to think we have something to discuss. We don’t. You seem to think we are in a relationship. We aren't.”

“It was a misunderstanding, but you won’t get into trouble. I cleared things up.”

He looked at me with his signature blank mask before stating, "You're free to go."

“Bye, Lacy,” Anya stated snidely.  Everyone at the table erupted into laughter at her purposely mistaking my name.  I ignored her cattiness and left the cafeteria.

I knew what he really meant with his last statement. He no longer wished to deal with me, but what did that mean for my aunt? I know I should be happy but I wasn't. I felt empty, like I just lost something.  It was the same feeling I had when my parents disappeared. I shook my head at my stupidity.

I can't lose something I never had.

* * *

“Lake, wait up!” I heard Sheldon call out to me but I kept walking. I didn't want to interact with anyone associated with Keiran right now. “Lake, stop. I swear I'll body slam you if you don't stop running from me!”

I stopped and turned around once I was on the other side of the school, far away from Keiran. “Sheldon, I can't do this. Not now.”

“Why are you always running? You don't have to let him win, you know.”

“What am I supposed to do?” I yelled. I was frustrated beyond my limit.

“Fight back,” she quipped.

“Why are you telling me this? He’s your friend.” I narrowed my eyes at her when she nodded.

“Yes, he is. They’re all my best friends. And we could be friends too if you’d let me. I'm not your enemy.”

“No, but you are in bed with my enemy. Besides, you have Anya and the other cheerleaders. Looks to me as if you have plenty of friends.”

She snorted, “I could always use better and I have a feeling you want more friends too.”

I shrugged. “Doesn't matter. Keiran would never let us be friends.”

“Keiran doesn't run me. I decide who I am friends with.”

“Keenan hates me, too.”

“No, Keenan loves his cousin.”

“How is that different?”

“His bond with his cousin makes him fight alongside Keiran and protect him, if need be.”

I looked at her suspiciously. This could be a trap Keiran set out to hurt me or get back at me. “Why are you so nice to me?”

“I don't know, Lake. Maybe because I like you and you've never done anything to me?”

“Still, wouldn't your friendship with them turn you against me? That's what friends do right? Protect each other and fight their battles?”

“And I would if I thought you were a threat.”

“Gee, thanks.”

“No offense, babe. So what do you say? Friends?” She held out her fist for a pound.

I studied her fist, thinking it over before finally giving her a pound. “Friends.” We’ll see.

Chapter Eleven

I got through fourth period mostly unscathed thanks to Willow and Sheldon. I sat two rows ahead of Keiran, which was still too close, but it was the only row left that allowed Willow and I to sit together.

Not even ten minutes had passed after class started when I'd felt something light hit my shoulder. I thought nothing of it until it happened again, this time on my back. I looked down to see two paper balls on the floor and then another hit my head.

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