Fear Me Page 32

“I –”

“It doesn’t require you to talk.” He lowered his jeans and boxers until they hung just around his hips. His cock had sprung out of the confines of his jeans and a shiver of apprehension ran through my body, while my eyes widened with shock and trepidation.

His erection was long and thick with angry veins running the length. My attention was drawn to the pulsing head that had a bead of moisture shining on the tip. My belly had butterflies and my mouth and lips suddenly felt to dry. I licked my lips to moisten them and Keiran’s gaze zeroed in on my lips as I did. A low, throaty sound erupted from his lips as he watched me.

He began a stroking motion, up and down while gazing down at me, daring me with his eyes. When I continued to hesitate he grabbed the nape of my neck and brought my lips closer. The tip of his cock touched my lips and he began rubbing it across slowly. I was shaking uncontrollably with an emotion and feeling that I couldn’t explain. But I did recognize shame. Shame that I wanted to taste him even though he only wanted to degrade me.

“Ok, I’ll do it, but please be gent –”

My words were lost when he plunged his cock into my mouth without warning. He continued to push forward with a groan and I immediately felt pressure at the back of my throat, causing me to gag. I instinctively closed my mouth around the intruding length to relieve the pressure but soon realized my mistake. My body heat rose in response to his aggression and I felt both fear and desire battle within me.

Unfortunately, fear had won over and I put all my strength into ripping away from him by pushing against his strong thighs. “I can’t!” I cried out when my mouth was finally able to release him.

He pushed me away and I fell to the floor, landing on my back and causing a loud smack to sound through the air. Rather than lashing out, he laughed. But it was full of anger and disgust as he looked down at me, nostrils flaring. “You can’t because you won’t. You’re no better than the rest. You don’t give a damn about your aunt.”

I panicked at the thought that I may have screwed up my aunt’s chances. “That’s not true. You scared me. I can do it. I’m –”

“Nothing more than a fake. There isn’t anything innocent about you, is there Monroe?” he lips curled as he spit his harsh words at me.

“Please, Keiran.”

“Don’t…say…my…name. Ever.” I never understood why he forbid me to say his name. He was simply a mystery I may never solve. Before I could say anything further the front door opened and I froze.

“What the hell?”



I recognized the sound of Sheldon, Dash and Keenan’s voice behind me, in that order.  We were still in the hall when he had forced me on my knees so the door had opened up right on us.

Keiran continued to stare at me while righting his jeans and appearing unfazed by the intrusion. Embarrassment flooded my cheeks and I was glued to the spot. Though Keiran was the only one exposed it was apparent what had taken place. I was no longer lying on the floor when they arrived but I was still on my knees.

Everyone had grown quiet. The humiliation of my situation was overwhelming and then I was crying again. I was always crying. When would I fight back?

“That’s enough. Lake, get up.” Sheldon tugged on my arm until I was standing but I kept my gaze lowered. She then turned on Keiran. “What the hell is wrong with you? She may be afraid of you, but I’m not. If I catch you doing some shit like this to her again I will kick your ass. If I find out there was foul play, I will turn you in myself. Got it?”

“Foul play? You mean rape?” he asked in a sarcastic tone. “I don’t rape. But then, Monroe and I both know I wouldn’t have to. She’d give it up and I wouldn’t hesitate to take anything she offered.”

I hugged my waist and listened to him insinuate that I wanted him. I didn’t want him. He was my enemy…or maybe it was just my body that desired him while my mind feared him.  I just wished I knew what it was about him that made my body betray me in such a confusing way.

Sheldon hugged my shoulders and walked us away from the guys and I felt a moment of self-loathing. I hated looking like the victim. I wasn’t a victim. Right?

Chapter Nine

Sheldon took me upstairs and locked us in the bathroom where she grilled me endlessly. I couldn’t tell her the truth but I didn’t lie either. I told her that Keiran had just been taunting me as usual. She had a few choices words to say about Keiran but let it go. I was cleaning my face with the warm cloth she’d given me when a hard knock on the door interrupted the silence. Sheldon opened the door to reveal Keiran standing on the other side and immediately moved to shield me from him.

“What do you want?”

“Leave,” he said barely acknowledging her. His gaze was focused on me and I stared back.

I wanted to look away but couldn’t. I’ve never seen him look at me this way before. The memory of his cock in my mouth came rushing back. I blushed and finally looked away, breaking the connection.

“I’m taking her home.” The relief I felt was short-lived at the look on his face. The cold calculation in his eyes told me that she would quickly become another victim of his wrath if I didn’t interfere. I couldn't let her suffer the brunt of his anger. I had years to learn how to survive it.

“Sheldon, it’s fine.” She looked at me with surprise etched all over face and I wished I could take her help. “Really, it’s okay.” I had trouble holding her gaze.

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