Fear Me Page 29

He was controlled now and less volatile. Always cool, always silent. He rarely ever spoke except when I was in the vicinity but when he did everyone listened, including me.

The only person who didn’t seem to be afraid of Keiran was Dash. Maybe that was why they were best friends. I didn’t doubt Keenan could hold his own but I also think he is blinded by his love for Keiran. The only time Keiran acted like a normal teen was when Keenan and Dash surrounded him. They complimented each other. Dash was the charmer, Keenan was the rebel, and Keiran...he was just bad.

What kind of person did it take to actually form a bond with someone like Keiran? I thought about it before deciding I didn't want to know. Some things were better left unknown. “Keenan won’t stop Keiran and you know it. He hates me just as much as Keiran because he thinks I framed him.

“Did you?”

I met and held her gaze before answering, ”No.”

“Good,” she nodded and got up to leave.

I stared at her in disbelief. “You believe me?”

“If you say you didn’t do it then I believe you unless you give me a reason not to. It never added up, anyway. The boys were angry and beyond reason.” She opened the door but immediately turned back to me. “You didn't frame Keiran, but I have a feeling you know who did…”

I sucked in a breath before nodding. “Yes.”

“So if you didn't frame Keiran…who did?"

I hesitated and wondered if she would honestly believe me if I told her. “I can’t tell you.”

“Why not?”

“I don’t trust you,” I answered truthfully. “You can’t help me anyway. No one can.”

She didn’t appear upset by my answer. Instead she looked thoughtful. “Lake, remember in the sixth grade when Keiran broke Benny Wheeler’s nose?”

I laughed, humorlessly. “How could I forget?  That was the same day Benny tripped me and stole my music player because I told Mrs. Jensen that he cheated off my test.”

“Exactly.” She winked and flounced away in her normal peppy fashion. I heard voices in the hallway and figured Keenan came looking for her.

I thought back to the day Keiran punched Benny but all I could remember was going home upset about my music player and had found it lying on my steps. I never did found out who put it there.

* * *

“Blake said he has our supply ready for pickup.”

“Good. You put the word out?”

“Yeah, me and Dash are on it. He can’t make this run with us, though. His dad has him tied up with something.  So what are you going to do with her?” I tried not to panic at the possible meaning of his question as I eavesdropped. Sheldon must not have closed the door all the way when she left because I could hear everything they were saying.

“She comes with us. I can’t risk letting her out of my sight, at least not right now.”

“What are you doing with her anyway?”

“I’m getting my year back.”

“She told me something today.”


“Yeah, when I was playing guard,” he stated with sarcasm flooding his tone. “She told me she lost her cellphone the day the call was made. She asked me to believe her.”

“Do you?” Keiran sounded disinterested but I could also hear the bitterness in his tone.

“No—it’s just…she sounded pretty convincing and looked scared as hell. Did you do something to her?  Say anything? You the other morning alone but showed up to school late with her.”

“How do you know I showed up late?” he asked, ignoring his questions.

“Come on man.  When you show up to school with the one person everyone knows you hate, people talk. Not to mention she’s the hottest piece of ass at Bainbridge.”

“Watch it,” he growled.

“See what I mean? That! What is that? You claiming her now?” Keenan’s frustration increased the volume of his voice until he was yelling. I was curious to know myself why Keiran reacted so strongly.

“You don’t want Sheldon to hear you say some shit like that. You are already on a tight leash as is.”

“Yeah, well you let me worry about Sheldon. She’s beautiful; no doubt about it but Lake could give her a run for her money, that’s all.”

“Doesn’t matter. I’m keeping an eye on her vindictive ass, nothing more.”

“If you say so. Look, lets pick up the supply. Grab your girl. We got to drop Sheldon off at home. I don’t want her involved with this. Her pops would have me wasted.”

“He might just do it himself,” Keiran laughed and just like his smile, I wanted to see and hear more of it. It made him appear human.

I heard footsteps and quickly attempted to look as if I wasn’t just straining to eavesdrop. The door opened and I heard him walk inside. I twisted my body and saw a towel was wrapped around his waist as he stood by his dresser. When his hand dropped to the knot in his towel, I quickly looked away. The sound of the material hitting the carpeted floor forged a visual of his naked body to the forefront of my mind. I desperately fought the urge and temptation to look.

Only when it was quiet and the rustling off his clothing ceased did I open my eyes. I didn’t even realize I’d closed them. I turned again to see that he put on jeans and a dark hoodie. I could see the little beads of moisture from his shower glistening on the dark strands of hair covering his head. He was pulling on a boot as I watched the muscles of his broad back ripple with his movements.

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