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“Yes, dear.”

I watched the couple as they settled in. Keenan was tickling and poking her, making her giggle. He always found reasons to touch her and I’ve noticed the way he looked at her. He seemed to really adore her despite his unfaithfulness, which I didn't understand. Sheldon was beautiful and I felt sorry for her.

“Hi, I’m Sheldon. Lake Monroe, right?” Sheldon smiled at me as she sat down with her bag. Her eyes were bright amber and her hair was a light shade of blonde. I always thought she looked exotic and admired the athletic build she got from cheerleading.

“Uh…yeah. Hi.” I replied but didn't return her smile. I was still wary of Sheldon—she was, after all, popular, gorgeous, and had an amazing rack. Shit, now I sound like Keenan. I often caught Keenan motor boating them for everyone to see.

She seemed nice enough but didn’t seem all that smart when it came to men. Keenan was a slut and made no secret about it, yet she stayed with him. I didn't understand that type of commitment although I never had a boyfriend thanks to Keiran.

“Senior year. You excited?” she asked. You have no idea. I nodded my head politely but said nothing else. I couldn’t see why she was talking to me much less sitting next to me. “So you and Keiran, huh? You two an item?” she waggled her eyebrows suggestively.

Keiran had been talking to Quentin but I knew he heard her question when his conversation with Quentin stopped and his attention shifted to me. I couldn’t rebuff him and I couldn’t tell her the truth either. His smirk told me he was enjoying the power he had over me.

I was saved from responding by Willow entering the classroom. When she spotted where I was sitting she sent me a questioning glance. I forced a smile but sucked in a breath when she walked over to me.

“Happy Birthday, Lake,” she said cheerfully as she leaned downed to kiss my cheek. Just as I was about to respond Keiran seized my chin in a hard grip and turned my face up to him.

“If you want to be cool then you can’t talk to her anymore. We talked about this. You have to drop your deadweight.”

My world came crashing down at the double meaning in his words. Silence passed between us as I stared at him with hate in my eyes.

“Lake?” Willow’s voice trembled and I knew she heard him. She was meant to.

I wanted to turn and reassure her. I couldn’t let him do this. I couldn’t let him take away the only two people that I had to love. Did giving up one really mean saving the other? Despite my doubts I knew I couldn’t risk it. He’d won. He knew the moment I submitted because he finally let go of my face.

My gaze dropped down to my notebook in front of me but I didn’t see it. I didn’t see anything. All I could feel was the weight of my best friend’s stare and the hurt I just caused her. She wordlessly walked to our normal seats and sat down. Only then did I allow my gaze to rise and it immediately landed on her slumped shoulders. Whoever said choosing between right and wrong was easy is a damn liar.

* * *

Drop your deadweight. I played the words over in my head repeatedly as I stood in front of the bathroom mirror. I didn’t like who I saw looking back at me.

I was mortified.

I hurt Willow.

I never hurt Willow and Willow never hurt me. Once class was over she practically ran out the room and I couldn’t stop her.

I finished cleaning up and tossed away the many tissues I used to cry my pain into. I never thought when I woke up this morning that any of this would happen. He said he would take her away from me but I didn’t believe him. There was a lot I didn’t want to believe. Like the fact that Keiran was going to use sex and control to destroy me and I had to let him.

I knew Keiran would consume me if I let him have me. I wouldn't be able to survive what he was planning without experience.

I finally left the bathroom to find Keiran leaning against the wall across from the bathroom door; one foot perched on the wall with his hands in his pockets. I stared at him and he stared back. When he crooked his finger, motioning for me to come to him, I gave into temptation.  He stood up straight and fisted his hand in my shirt bringing my chest flush with his.

“Whatever bullshit you’re telling yourself to escape what’s going to happen between us, drop it. I’ve already told you how it’s going to be. You want it just as bad as I do and I…will…have…you. End of discussion.”

It was safe to say that I was in deep shit.

* * *

I tried once again to reach Willow in the hour I'd been home. I figured there was no way he would know I talked to her but when I didn’t get an answer after the fifth or sixth time, I grew frustrated. I had allowed Keiran to tear us apart without lifting so much as a finger.

“Screw it,” I grabbed my keys and headed downstairs ignoring Keiran’s warning not to leave. He dropped me off after school and immediately left. Aunt Carissa was gone now for her tour and the house felt incredibly empty without her.

I stepped outside and locked up but an eerie feeling had me looking around nervously. I instinctively searched for a particular black muscle car but when I didn’t spot it anywhere I shook off the feeling and hopped into my car. Willow lived just around the corner in the neighboring cul-de-sac.

I was at her house a couple of minutes later and noticed her car outside. Her parents’ car was gone so I knew she was home alone. Buddy probably wasn't home as usual. He was a freshman but has already moved up in ranks at Bainbridge and earned the title as one of the hottest—even senior girls chased him. We’ve grown close over the years and he was like the little brother I would never get. I swallowed down the unwanted feeling of bitterness and rung the doorbell.

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