Fear Me Page 116

“Who is Mr. Martin?”

“No need to be jealous babe, he’s like fifty.” I smiled at him, but he didn’t reciprocate. When he continued to stare me down, I sighed and sat back in the seat. “I don’t know really. He’s some guy that comes around the gym. I met him about a year ago.”

He shook his head and took his gaze off of me to stare out the windshield. “You continue to test my patience,” he whispered and I got the feeling he wasn’t really talking to me.

“How am I testing you?”

“Stay away from him.”

“He’s harmless.”


“Don’t raise your voice at me, Keiran. I can hear you just fine.”

“You’re a pain in my ass,” he gritted.

“Ditto.” We sat in silence for a moment, each in our own thoughts. “What did you do with Anya and Trevor?”

“What makes you think I did something to them?”

“Maybe because I saw Dash and Keenan take off with them and maybe because I overheard you tell them that Mario has them. Tell me the truth.”

He sat for so long not saying anything that I almost gave up on it. “I’m setting them up to be given to the same people who kept me for seven years.”

“Kept you?”

He looked reluctant to go on before he answered. “Yes. Before I came here I worked for some bad people at a very young age.”

“But I thought you were with your mother?” Keiran’s past was puzzling. I struggled to put the pieces together with the little I had. Nothing made sense.

“She’s the reason I had to work for those people.”

“Don’t you know who they are?”


“So how will you know who to give Trevor and Anya to?”

“Mario will handle that. I don’t know because I don’t want to know. The less that connects me to them, the less chance I have of getting caught.”

“So what will he do with them?”

“They’ll disappear. They won’t be killed…as long as they do what they are told.” Keiran’s explanation was sketchy at best and it all sounded horrible. As much as I hated Anya and Trevor for what they did and all that they planned I didn’t think I could live with it on my conscience.

“Get them back.” I stated, holding my voice firm.

His head whipped around, his gaze burning hot over me. “What?”

“I want you to bring them back.”

“No.” His jaw hardened and I could see the muscles within his cheekbone clench.

“We can’t do this to them. Look at what it did to you.”

He shrugged. “I survived.”

“Did you?”

“Doesn’t matter. They don’t come back. Ever.”

“Then I want nothing to do with you. Stay away from me.” I threw open the passenger door and slammed it shut. Keiran was out and around my side before I could move two steps. He grabbed me up by my upper arms and forced me up against the side of the car.

“If you have any idea of what they were planning for you, you wouldn’t be spouting this bullshit out of your mouth. I don’t give a fuck if you like how I protect you but I will protect you. It’s my burden to bear.”

“And mine!” I cried.

He released a ragged breath and looked as if he wanted to strangle me. “Lake…”

“I’m serious. Get them back or stay away from me. I won’t let you make my soul as ugly as yours.” When he flinched my hand flew to my mouth, muffling my horrified gasp. I realized what I just said at the same time my heart crashed and shattered at my feet.  The look on his face broke my heart. I did that. I knew I hurt him worse then he’d ever hurt me.

“Keiran, I –” I was cut off when he shoved away from me and looked down at me with a deeper hatred than I’ve ever seen in his eyes before. It was suddenly over as abruptly as it started and then he was gone.

I could only assume that he would walk out of my life now.

Chapter Thirty

I never meant to call his soul ugly. It was beyond mean. It was downright cruel. Some might say it was justified or even true, after all, his cruelty and manipulations were far more hurtful than anything I could ever say to him. So why did I still feel so damn guilty?

I thought I wanted Anya and Trevor to pay for what they did but the truth was I just needed this whole nightmare to go away. I needed to be seven years old again and with my parents. After ten years I still felt a strong connection with them, one that hurt more than helped.

I made it to the front door with a heavy heart. I failed to think of just one way to make this right outside of begging for forgiveness. But it was also because of what I knew I had to do if Keiran didn’t bring them back.

I wasn’t afraid anymore. I was tired.

As I opened the door and stepped inside I felt the familiar need to run. It wasn’t so much as what I saw or heard. It was what I felt. I looked around the empty house. All was quiet and nothing seemed disturbed but I couldn’t shake the feeling that something wasn’t right.

“I’ve been waiting for you.” The eerie sound of a voice that should not have been in my home startled me. The scream that would have torn through my lungs was silence by the sudden press of cold steel against my cheek. “Don’t scream. I don’t have to hurt you but I will.”

“What are you doing here?” The shriek of my voice did nothing to show the terror I felt.

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