Fantastical Page 69

This kiss was wilder, no control, not from Tor, not from me and I loved every f**king second of it.

His mouth broke from mine and he ordered, “Discard your dress.”

With trembling hands, I pulled off my dress and flung it aside.

“Now this,” he demanded, tugging at the cup of my bra.

Arching my back (which also succeeded in sliding him deeper inside me which felt freaking great), I reached for the hooks at the back of my bra, undid them clumsily, pulled it down my arms and tossed it aside.

One of his hands went to cup my breast warmly, the other hand slid between my legs, his middle finger hitting the core of me.

At the sensations these caused, my back arched again and I whimpered.

His thumb and finger found my nipple and he pulled. “Who’s inside you?”

“My prince,” I breathed, twisting my neck, tucking my forehead into his neck and covering his hand at my sex where his finger was working magic.

He pulled my nipple again and fire shot straight through me. “Bloody right,” he growled, his h*ps dipping, he drove back up inside me.

“Baby,” I whispered, my hand tensing on his.

“Who are you?” he asked on another pull on my nipple causing another shaft of fire.

“Your princess,” I answered immediately, wanting my reward.

I got it, another heady stroke of his cock.

“Who are you?” he repeated and I closed my eyes as his finger between my legs twitched relentlessly and I ground into him.

“Honey,” I breathed. I was losing it.

Another pull at my nipple, sharper, harder, better, then, “Who are you, Cora?”

“Your wife,” I whispered, his h*ps dipped and he surged up again, pulling at my nipple and rolling my cl*t at the same time and I cried out, “Tor!” as it overwhelmed me.

I barely started coming when he shoved me back down into the bed and then started moving inside me, rolling his h*ps as he did it, his hands at my h*ps yanking me back while he drove in.

God, beautiful.

I lifted up on my forearms, arched my back, lifting my ass for him and he reached forward, his fingers curling around my shoulder, he pulled me back into him, this allowing him to thrust deeper into me. I shuddered and finished my cl**ax as he plunged in, his rhythm slow, steady, his h*ps rolling, his hand at my shoulder driving me back as he drove forward and it started building again.

“Baby,” I gasped breathlessly into my comforter.

His hand left my shoulder and both curled around the sides of my ribs.

“We go back to my world, we find someone who can make you more of these shoes,” he declared huskily.

“Yes,” I breathed.

His h*ps rolled and he thrust deep. “Dozens of them,” he went on.

“Yes,” I repeated.

“My wife has a beautiful arse,” he grunted, his h*ps rolling and thrusting again.

I closed my eyes, arched my back and stretched my arms straight forward, pressing back even as he pulled me to him.

“Fuck me,” I whispered and his thrusts quickened. “Yes,” I breathed.

“And the wettest, sweetest f**king cunt,” he growled, his voice hoarse, his thrusts coming faster.

My head jerked back, my hair flying, my sex spasming. “Oh my God,” I moaned.

“That’s it, my love,” his fingers at my ribs flexing tight, yanking me back violently, “give me what’s rightfully mine.”

“Okay,” I breathed then my body bucked and I cried out yet again as a stronger cl**ax washed through me, Tor pounded into me, hauling me back into him, his thrusts savage as I heard him grunt and he drove in hard, once, twice, three, four, five, six times then he stayed planted and groaned.

My eyes slowly closed and just as slowly a smile curved my lips.

He waited until my breathing slowed then he pulled me up again, arms tight around my chest and ribs, bodies still joined and his face went into my neck.

“Would that we would be transported to a world where you could spend your days with my seed planted deep inside you,” Tor whispered into my neck.

I closed my eyes again as renewed heat flooded my system.

“Which would mean,” Tor went on quietly, “I would spend my days planting it there.”

My body trembled and then I swallowed.

Tor kept speaking.

“Are we understood, you and I?” he murmured.

“Yes, Tor,” I whispered, lifting a hand to place it lightly on his neck.

And we were. Or, at least, I hoped we were.

His lips went to my ear. “We have enough challenges ahead of us, my sweet. We do not need to be striking out and wounding each other.”

Boy, was he right.

“You’re right,” I agreed softly.

His arms gave me a squeeze then the one at my ribs loosened, his hand sliding down to rest on my belly briefly at the same time he kissed my neck. Then he lifted me off him, set me on my knees in the bed and fell to his side grabbing my hand as he did so. I went down and he rolled to his back and pulled me in his arms so I was pressed into his side, one of his hands coming up to play with the ends of my hair.

“Uh… Tor?” I called.

“I’m right here,” he answered and I snuggled closer, because he was.

Then I told him something I had to tell him but didn’t want to.

Still, I had to.

“Earlier tonight, uh… Noc came around.”

“I know.”

My head shot up and I looked at him through the shadows. “What?”

“I alighted the stairs when he was shouting through your door. I hid, watched, prepared, should he lose his temper, to intervene. He did not. He left and I followed him.”

My hand lying on his chest fisted. “You followed him?”

“I did. And Cora, I will say it’s very strange seeing another you,” he told me.

I was sure it was but I was also stuck on Tor following Noc.

“You followed him?” I repeated and he sighed.


My fist opened and I slapped his chest. “Why would you do that?”

“The same reason I spent a day wandering your world when I first got here. You do not wage battle unless you know the lay of the land. And you never battle an opponent you do not know and understand even better than he understands himself.”

What he said was very wise and everything but I still glared at him through the dark. “But, he could have seen you! He could have freaked out! He could have lost it! He could be a bad guy and led you someplace you shouldn’t be.” A thought struck me and I asked, “Where did he lead you?”

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