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I just wanted all of that for me.

And I was going to get it. I knew this when he fell forward, his arm coming out to control his fall, his hand landing in the bed beside me, him landing mostly on me.

But he held his body away and he did this in order to untie the satin sash of my robe, doing it with a non-too-gentle yank that jerked my whole body with it.

The heat between my legs intensified and got wet.

Or wetter.

Oh my.

“Uh –” I started.

“Quiet,” he ordered, shoving the chiffon aside.

“I think –” I tried again.

“Quiet,” he repeated then yanked the nightgown up.

Oh… my.

“Um –”

He settled on top of me.

“I don’t like this scent,” he grunted, a hand gliding up my side. “It reminds me of the you that you used to be. Change it.”

“Uh, okey dokey,” I whispered and shivered.

“Put your hands on me,” he commanded, his knee pressing between my legs.

Oh my!

“Um, okey dokey,” I whispered again and slid my hands up his arms and around his shoulders.

God, he felt good. He smelled good too.


“You smell good.” I was whispering but he didn’t respond.

He watched as his hand moved in, over my ribs, it started up, I held my breath then it changed directions and trailed down my belly.

My breath came out in a rush and then it came fast, uneven and heavy.

I wanted him. Now. God, I suddenly ached with it.

He didn’t even have to kiss me.

“Tor,” I breathed, his eyes came to mine and they were burning.

I started panting.

“If you’re not wet, right now, I’ll know,” he growled, his voice deeper, rough, husky.

“You’ll know wh… what?” I stammered.

His fingers slid inside my panties, gliding right through the heat of me.

My neck arched, my back arched and my arms clutched his shoulders.

“Gods,” he groaned, pressing his hard c**k against my thigh. “Sodden.”

The fingers of one of my hands slid into his hair and I pressed into his hand between my legs as I tilted my chin down and tried to focus on him.

“I need you,” I breathed.

His eyes flamed. “Right now?”

I nodded. “Right now.”

He needed no more coaxing. He rolled slightly to the side and gone were my panties. Then he rolled back, I opened my legs as he did and his h*ps fell through. I lifted my knees, his hands at my h*ps lifted them, his mouth came to mine, not for a kiss but it felt more intimate having his heavy, warm breaths mingling with mine and then I felt the tip of him.

Then he drove inside.

Oh my God.


I clutched him closer and arched my back again, whispering, “Yes.”

He rode me, driving deep, his thrusts fast, rhythmic, fantastic and through it all his eyes held mine, his lips a whisper away, our breaths mingling.

I swung my calves in, pressing my heels into his back to lift my h*ps and take more of him, my arm clutching his shoulders, my hand fisting in his hair. I couldn’t tear my gaze away from the beauty of his eyes and didn’t want to.

“Bloody hell, you’re exquisite,” he murmured, lifting me higher, thrusting harder, driving deeper.

“Oh my God,” I whispered as his words and his pounding started my sex convulsing.

I was going to come.

“Bloody hell,” he grunted.

“Tor –”

“Give it to me, Cora.”

Oh, he was going to get it all right.

“Tor!” I cried.

“Give it to me, it’s my right,” he growled, a hand leaving my hip to fist at the back of my hair.

I gave it to him and he was right days earlier.

It was an explosion. An orgasm the power of which I’d never experienced before. There was no way to describe it. It burned through me so completely, I was laid to waste and I didn’t give that first shit that I’d be annihilated by a cl**ax.

I cried out loudly and clutched him closer with every muscle in my body, my neck arching and then my face shooting forward. I buried it in his neck and whimpered through the pleasure.

When I was done, he tugged my hair gently, my head fell back to the bed, his eyes caught mine again and he kept moving inside me, his breath rough and labored, his neck muscles straining.

I lifted my head again and kissed him, sliding my tongue in, giving him everything I had to try to return a little of what he’d just given to me.

His deep groan of cl**ax drove down my throat as his c**k drove up deep inside me.


He took over the kiss, gentled it as he slid in and out slowly then his lips slid down my cheek to my neck then he kissed my earlobe and buried himself deep but stopped moving inside me.

“Furthering your education, sweets, that is how a princess lets her husband f**k her,” he murmured in my ear, my warm, languid, happy body stilled under the heated weight of his and then I burst out laughing.

I felt his mouth disappear from my ear and I calmed my hilarity when I felt his hand at my face, his thumb stroking my cheek. My eyes opened to see his mouth was curved in a small, sexy, contented smile and his eyes on me were warm.

Man oh man, it was happening. All of it. Everything.

I was falling in love with a fairytale prince.


To cover my panic, I whispered, “I like your castle.”

His small smile curved bigger. “I’m glad.”

“And I like your rooms.”

“I’m glad about that too.”

Then it came to me.

This was the now. It was my now.

And it was a magical now.

And, f**k it, I was going to take it and I’d worry about the later… later.

I sucked in breath then joked, “And, you know, I’m always around should you have any further princess instruction to impart on me.”

His smile turned lazy and so sexy, I felt it everywhere.

“Good to know,” he murmured.

“I’m a fast learner,” I promised.

“I noticed that.”

“And it’s important, seeing as I’m a princess, that I learn all about being a princess.”

Tor didn’t respond just brushed his thumb across my bottom lip.


“And,” I went on, “it’s important that I learn to do those things well.”

“I’m a patient teacher,” he informed me.

“You didn’t seem all that patient ten minutes ago.”

His lids lowered sending his sexy look off the charts then his head lowered and he brushed his mouth against mine but didn’t take his lips away when he spoke.

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